Lets rhyme for a cause...what these Rappers Do is B/S!!

Curses without A Cause (These Rappers Are Empty )

RAPPER ONE ( The Assault)

You can ADD your weight, but you'll never GAIN my SKILL

You can learn to bait, but i fish for electric EEL

You just fucking hate,but your gal just made me SPILL

You are running late, the battle started..n i cant wait to KILL

You cant relate, and hey.. you kinda look like SEAL!!

I wanna be Gates...and dude you cant even pay your BILL

I've just sealed your fate...cz this shit i spit is just to ILL!!

RAPPER TWO ( The Response)

Ask anyone who da king..they SAY INKWA

Am colorful ...your gay ass like PINK ONES

Want a date to battle..go ahead PICK ONE

Please come with a body bag that FITS YAH

Make you convulse and have some FITS SON

...Because for sure JAY you cant SPIT SON

Al come with the mics..bring your SICK SON

Cz You might need to have ua NEXT OF KIN

To witness the 2nd crowning of the LYRICAL KING

Cheap ass Nigga ama count 1..2..THREE

And exchange a goat for all yo FAMILY!!!!

Words by in'kwa
Read 719 times
Written on 2012-05-07 at 21:05

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