It's disheartening that we all live in a delusional world
Where the feelings of honesty and trust are being hurled
The people wear an illusionary mask on their face
To see them shamelessly fake their innocence is a disgrace

Decency and humility is efficiently shown on the outside
So that no one knows about the inner Devil which they hide
They twist the truth you've spoken and make the situation grave
Make things unbearable and trap you up like a knave

They befriend you for selfish reasons and try to act genuine
Abandon you at bad times and leave you alone to whine
Their impressive and charming talks lead you into a dark cave
Use you for their own benefit, in their real form they then behave

They will do whatever it takes to make themself look good
Take credit for your applaudable work so that you are misunderstood
Spread false rumours to become popular, in other's matters they snoop
They will change their entire personality to fit into a certain group

They attract you with clichés and feel too proud
In reality their lives are nothing but a fake disingenuous cloud
Trying to identify such people is indeed a challenging task
To expose what they conceal within, it's difficult to uncover their mask

Poetry by Rishi Khetan
Read 705 times
Written on 2012-05-19 at 19:48

Tags Society 

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I enjoyed all your poems and look forward to more.