I don't remember growing up

'It is to you, the youth, we are leaving Europe',
Says a member of the Council of Europe following the reception.
I feel the weight of my rosé as I inhale the smoke into my lungs.
Having thought I would have kicked the habit of cigarettes by 24,
Contemplating the end of the Eurozone, globalization and climate change,
His questions about what I want for Europe seem ominous at the least.

I'm barely old enough to reach past utilitarian principles of happiness,
Grappling with Youtube tales of Hayek and Keynes, and news headlines:
Syria, Greece, and all the countries that are not even mentioned,
Coverage is not profitable or viable – be it as it may,
My response seems to excite my distinguished conversation partner,
But really I am struck with fear,
What is it you are expecting of me?

At family gatherings I see the fear in my family's eyes,
Will she have a job? The lifestyle we were hoping for her?
Did she secure an internship?
Is further education simply an escape from reality?
And I'm just scared my failure to retain long-term relationships,
Is a sign of growing up to be like my mother.

I have always had a tendency towards polemic,
Don't talk to me about nail polish, football or drunken adventures,
But I have come to realise that what I say matters,
And sometimes I am scared of the words coming out of my mouth,
Because most of the time I just don't know.

I could regurgitate what I have heard on the news,
But as the words slip my lips I have already identified:
My limited understanding of economics,
Two different areas of law I'm unfamiliar with,
At least three different spins, depending on the different interests involved,
Research I would like to run through,
And so many things I simply don't know about myself yet,
How I want to live,
How I want my children to grow up,
And the demands I can make on others:
How to live their own, very own, lives.

Poetry by Angie-M
Read 927 times
Written on 2012-06-15 at 04:06

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Eli The PoetBay support member heart!
This is a very powerful observation, to which I can vaguely relate. Because I also have many answered questions, and I'm a lot older than 24.

Thanks for sharing.