written last year, on August.

Post-summer melancholy

I'm resting indifferently in my bed
with a flock of memories chirping above my head.
the recollections of a cherished summer
as they sing their last, meaningless songs.

Autumn is coming with a touch of rain
and I must conform to this everlasting sorrow.
Mornings in darkness, nights arriving early
frozen seas, purple skies.

Soon, the sun will be sliding across the sky
to meet another place, to follow another time.
But I will be waiting here, patiently on my bed
until the sunrays travel across my head.

The frolicking mood of the deep blue sea
and the golden tunic of the sunny sky
are only far cries, soon to be silenced
as the melancholy autumn skies drown into a fiery red.

The moments spent by the calm,silent sea
the laughs and the kisses and everything in between
soon will become a part of a beautifully spent past
as another future arrives violently.

Poetry by Eva
Read 973 times
Written on 2012-06-24 at 02:22

Tags Summer  Melancholy  Autumn 

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Elle The PoetBay support member heart!
Thank you for posting, sad and melancholy but beautifully transcripted a real pleasure to read

Elle x