just a discussion I had a couple of days ago - are words powerful when it comes to emotions, or extremely weak?

Thoughts on words

I open the jar of memories.
Words,words,words--words in which I tried to put my life.
words about love, words about fugitives, words about beauty - thousands of them spreading on sheets of paper, allowing me to admire their form and be misled by their content.
Now, I know - words are just forms of embellishment. A wonderful ornament for a powerful feeling, so hard to describe.
Those feelings borne inside of me, reproduced in my fiery heart, making me suffocate and plunging me in the pit of loneliness-these feelings cannot be put in words. Words are beautiful, yet so inadequate.
I pick them because I cherish their forms, I love the sounds they make when tied together, when creating a melody so pleasing and appeasing to the senses.
But I know, words are vacant when they describe sentiments, when they attempt to communicate feelings of love, of eros, of despair.

Poetry by Eva
Read 945 times
Written on 2012-07-16 at 23:01

Tags Feelings  Words  Language 

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countryfog The PoetBay support member heart!
The wonderful thing about words, I think, is that while we struggle to find just the right ones to say exactly what we mean, they are always and only suggestions and approximations . . . each reader brings to them his/her own contexts and connotations so that what they experience is not really or only what we try to convey but what they have known and perhaps forgotten, or see again in a different way. And I think all art does that, whatever its medium of apprehension, interpretation and expression.