The vessel shifts in its embodiment of the ocean that gently touches its sides, surging it, urging it, forwards.

The purple sides of this vessel stretch to point at its bow, where it crests the waves. This point also carries a compass of light, that gives it direction.

Upon this craft sits a single figure, poised before a book of sacred words, chants, and knowledge, and this consciousness alone directs this craft, to voyage to far off destinations.

There is a purpose to its movement, and yet it seems to dance upon the waves with ease of motion. The swell lends itself to this journey and even the birds sing to the melody of the prayers that are spoken and the luminescent thoughts that are carried to the heavens, asking for Divine direction.

The heavens answer, through glimmers of light cast upon the ocean surface that appear as a pathway of stars that lead beyond the horizon.

The lone figure now knows that his work of invocation and consciousness creation is complete. He rests now, leaning against the side of the vessel, and looks out towards that which the heavens have created—that lies before him, sparkling on the ocean surface.

He rests within the peace of his heart and in the enjoyment of each star of light that passes by, as he and his vessel follow the golden pathway of light to a destination that is unknown, but that is written in the stars.

Short story by Morning Star
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Written on 2012-07-23 at 06:27

Tags Spiritual  Stars  Mystic 

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ngaio Beck
Very engaging.

countryfog The PoetBay support member heart!
This is splendid . . . it takes me to a place you may not have had in mind, as good poems can do: islands in the South Pacific. From where did people first come there? I'm not sure, but this is how they came, following that "compass of light."