When I was Girl

When I was girl
I dreamed
of reaching the stars,
and that the sparkle
within me
would be seen,

When I was a girl
at home in her soul,
I knew that
the world's glimmer
could not last through
the night.

When I was an angel
speaking to God
I could see
that the world pathways
—of endeavor—
I simply could not tread.

When I became the flower
turning only to the light
I realized nothing really matters
only love,
and the return to the Spirit
and Mother of All,
in whose arms
I now rest.

So I kiss those hands
for their reaching
and bless that heart
who tried to fit in,
and I celebrate the wings that carried me
to heaven
and then back again,
to the earth
where I was rooted
and new growth found,
in truth,
in the light of the flower
now resting,
just resting,
in love.

Poetry by Morning Star
Read 802 times
Written on 2013-05-05 at 21:39

Tags Reflective  Inspirational 

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Nils Teodor The PoetBay support member heart!
A true joy to read
Beautifully written
Thanks for sharing

Ivan R
The melody of this poem is so good ... then, the words tell so much, this poem is really a joy, both for the eye, and then for the soul

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Format: 5
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Overall: 5

I think Wordsworth was right. The child is father to the man (or in this case mother to the woman). It astonishes me sometimes how after years and years I find myself returning to the things that mattered to me most when I was a boy. You refer to it as a 'spark' and that seems as good a definition as any.


Language: 4
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Overall: 4

A beautiful, journey of the soul. I love the ending, the sense of peace and rest. *applaud*

Mood: 5 2013-05-06

On a dreary cold and rainy morning this was so uplifting and comforting to come to. "When I became the flower / turning only to the light / within" . . . so few believe that light is there and fewer find it, but that is where we find our peace and purpose and gratitude for life that requires nothing more than what we already have. I suspect you have come a long way on the path back to yourself.

Most certainly expressed clearly. I like the positivity that emanates from some of the more negative visuals, it's easy to catch hold for the ride.

Inner strength is usually indicative of inner triumphs, and the perspective here is one of quiet victory.

Regardless of my possible misinterpretations, I still enjoyed this write. Looking forward to more. :D