(A story about a shape-shifting star/snowflake, and its journey from heaven to the earth.)

The Snowflake

In the stillness of winter's night, with the breath of coldness that fills the air, the earth awaits her gifts from the heaven's star-filled skies—that are as clear as glass so that the silvery light of the celestial is all that is seen amidst the backdrop of black-velvet sky.

Upon this night a star fell from Universal Sky, as it wished so much to come to earth, but through its descent it substance changed, although its star-essence remained as pure crystal light.
So, it shape-shifted so that it could come to earth as a snowflake, but as it fell from the starlight sky it began to forget its true form and purpose. Nevertheless, to earth it descended to fulfill its purpose here, along with its brethren.

The snowflake was perfect in its form, with arms outstretched to capture the breeze that swirled and spun its gentle structure—whose glistening threads of silver extend from its being and were interwoven in the fabric of its crystalline cool and clear form, with icicle buds blooming from its fingers. It moved with grace through the icy winds and make its descent through the evening skies. The coldness of the night helped to preserve the snowflake's perfect, beautiful, jewel-like form.

As it descended it was joined by others stars, in their multitudes, who also fell to earth; they too shape-shifted to snowflakes, so their message could be carried upon the winds of time, that their presence, as a snowflake, afforded them.

As the snowflakes descended they swept the surface of the world clear, laying a snow-white covering, of their loving essence, upon the ground of the middle world.

The mountain rejoiced as its crown was filled with their silver-white stars, that cascaded from the heavens. The spruce and cedar felt a magical presence as the garments of their deep green boughs were dressed with sprinklings of sparking white. This reminded them of the gown of the Goddess that is worn, by her, on the night of the dark moon, when the rustling of her flowing cloak, that is filled with stars, can be seen beneath the forest's mantle.

As the snowflakes began to touch the world, some were blown above hilltops and others blanketed the pathways that humankind have laid—upon which they chance their course, and the direction they feel they must follow.

The snowflake, carried by the iced winds, finally began to realize that her descent would soon be over, and that she will rest upon the earth, for a time. She reflected longingly at the night sky, seeing her sister, Star, shining in the night—equal in her perfect form. Star, dances in the light illuminated by another star—called Sun—and together they shine in their likeness.

As she sees her sister and brother stars, that remain in the upper world—from which she made her decent—snowflake wonders why her being has descended to this earth, and she would much prefer to be in the warmth of the universal beauty of the starry light.

Her fears and uncertainties increase now, as she realizes how far she has traveled from home, and the Creator responds to her doubts and self-questioning.

"You have been brought forth so that your perfect form, your pure snow-white color, may sparkle in the eyes of those who behold you, so that they may see purity in their own hears, as reflected by your form." The voice of the Creator, responds.

"But I won't last long," says the snowflake. "Soon the sun will appear and I, along with my sisters and brothers, may melt."

"Well," the Creator replies, "your short existence occurs so that your form, in all of its brightness and beauty, and the surprise that it brings when others see you in the first flurries of snow, can be appreciated and noticed. If your form laid upon the earth all the time, then it could quite easily be overlooked as you become a part of that which is familiar.

"But do not worry little snowflake, for as the sun shines and turns you into vapors your essence will lift from the earth into the skies. You might then form as rain clouds and drop as moisture to feed the earth again, albeit in a different way.

"Or you may ascend even farther and join your sister, Star, in the heavens, in whose likeness your were made, on this starry night.

"The choice little snowflake will be yours."

Finally realizing that she has a choice about her journey and her purpose here, she finds peace and acceptance for the gift that she has been given: to come to this earth and to share her essence, along with all the other star-snowflakes; and so she sits and awaits the sun's rise.

In the early morning, when the day still carries the coldness of the night and the air is frosted with winter's chill, snowflake is awakened to the joy of people's voices and the song of hope within their hearts, that has been stirred by the virginal freshness of the landscape laid before them. Children play in dust-storms of powered white, as the snow is stirred by their activities of delight, and a celebration of life, by all, ensues.

Then, all becomes quiet, as the people go and take their rest. The sun reflects its light upon the cool white surface, and strengthens its presence on the earth. The snowflake finds herself beginning to shape-shift again, as her present-form evaporated in the warming hands of the sun. The star-snowflake's essence remains, however, and takes the form of vapors and she begins her ascent into the sky.

She lingers for a while upon the mountain, and there tries to decide if she will follow the rain clouds—that will pour forth their blessing of sustenance, as they drench the forest's earth—or she may continue to rest upon the mountain peak and be carried by its flowing rivers that end in the water's fall into a still-glass lake, that will replenish the lower terrain in a later season.

All serves its purpose in some way, and gives its blessings to the earth.

Although "snowflake" knows that in time her path may follow such avenues of sharing her essence, at this time, however, her heart longs to return to her home in cosmos, so that she may spend some time in the silvery light of the starry skies. Her wisdom tells her that her heart is always showing her the way, in each moment, and so she honors her heartfelt wishes and sails home, through the ethers of Mother Earth, and takes her place, in her true form, as one of the many stars that fill our skies.

Short story by Morning Star
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Written on 2012-08-14 at 01:40

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