My experience at the beach, on a dog-day afternoon.

Dog Day Afternoon

As I settle myself, in the early morning, on a beach I've never visited before, the sun appears and clears the morning mist.

As the day brightens and the sun strengthens, dogs begin to appear on the beach in the hands of their owners. Every third person entering this sandy shore seems to have a doggy at hand. The prevalence is unusual, as our canine friends are usually forbidden on sunny California beaches.

Soon more and more dogs appear, with waging tails looking forward to a day of play in the sand and surf. I have avoided this beach as I had heard it was a "party beach" and I prefer a more restful environment, but it turns out this is indeed a place of celebration of a doggy-day.

Large dogs dig holes in the sand, for coolness, and the small ones, including teacups, settle under umbrellas close to their owners. All is at play, as the dogs greet and meet one another and shake water from their surf-furnishes fur. They touch noses, sniff the sand, and play in the water and this becomes a paradise for our canine friends. They are welcomed by the lifeguards, enjoyed by their owners, and relished by onlookers, like me. Here I discovered the full meaning of "a dog-day afternoon."

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Written on 2012-09-25 at 01:40

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