The pills

When you left
you could not turn around
and look me in the eye

You gave me those pills
those white little monsters
and you told me
in calmness:

"These are substitutes for my absence
take them
every single day and every single night"

There I was,
with my heart pounding like a drum
choking on my pill

A pill can make you ill
a pill can give you a thrill
but I cannot swallow this pill

You were late
and your absence made the room darker
and the world more lonely

There I was, still
with my pills in my hands
trying to find a new way to swallow them

I was always a complacent fellow
never could I realize
how harmful people can be

And when you came back
you abandoned me
and you said

that I did not love you
because I never swallowed the pills
and never accepted
this piece of love.

Poetry by Eva
Read 948 times
Written on 2012-11-02 at 00:22

Tags Pill  Love  Addiction 

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John Ashleigh
This is very powerful indeed. I liked the concept. It is truly potent. Thankyou for sharing this with us. *applaud*