Sinking Feeling

Hope, cliffhanging,
I scratch fingernails
down the blackboard
'til I screech.

Life, backwards, forwards
knowing not
where I want to be,
just cancel the present.

Divorced from reality
and possibly you
I keep feeling
like running.

Time is decreasing,
the weights counterbalanced
now heavy, one sided,
just bottomed out.

Poetry by shells
Read 578 times
Written on 2012-11-12 at 00:48

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The awful thing about cliffhanging is that you do it alone, and you don't know how long it will last, if you can hang on, if you want to hang on. I guess hope and cliffhanging go hand in hand. I bet this poem doesn't make a lick of sense of a lot people. For the rest of us, it's crystal clear. I admire you're skill for finding the words.

ngaio Beck
Right you are my friend. When I feel this way,I find a tv preacher,crank up the volume,and keep pourin' Scotch until I feel repentant.

Ferenc Inigo Beck
Clear concise description of "The Pits". Good work!