This is my short story. It has won many acclaimation. I am not boasting, but that is the fact.

The Handshake that Passed the Elbow

I am sure that you are not talking to me? Do you think I can ever forget how I suffered for you? How I used my bare hands to carry your shit? You can't talk to me that way. I am your elder and you must do whatever I ask you to do. Yes? Yes, don't talk to me that way. It shows that you are adamant, unintelligent and stupid. Don't you know? You must know that, because here in Africa, one must respect one. And two, two.

You are an ingrate, Ndu. You traveled all the way from that land with this. All you could buy me is this? You are a shame to humanity in general. You should be ashamed of yourself. This is not a way for someone to go. You are misbehaving like an animal. Like those camels that wander through the deserts. You look at me and I look like someone who will take this rubbish. This thing. I can't take it; even if I am a mad person.

Hew! After all that I did for you, nwa a? I washed you from head to penis, from penis to toes and you brought this thing for me? You have broken my heart. You are asking me if this is not good. You are a killer. Murderer, thief, monkey, joker, enemy, and everything. You are a cruel person. You have no heart for human beings.

You are goon.

Why shouldn't I curse you? You have disgraced me. You have taken all that I have. Yes. You took them. At the least, I should have had my own children, but because I was taking care of you, I did not marry; I did not open my legs for any man to taste what I have as a woman to have my own children. Now, see what you are doing.

Like a horse.
Like a goat.
Just like a sheep.

You bought me this rubbish? To do what with them? Just look at them. Red and high-heeled like a German's bungalow. Like the tames of the world. Like the pick-ups that haul garbage away. Something that I will climb on and fall. Die. You just want me to die. That is all.

It is too red and high. Too stupid and hollow. I can't take it. If you can't buy me a nice thing, then you can get away with it.

Yes, get away, because I think this handshake has passed the elbow.

Words by Onyeka Nwelue
Read 512 times
Written on 2006-04-06 at 09:19

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Onyeka Nwelue got the interpretation. That is the fact.