Just ramblings.. Unedited, unpolished.. Just as it is..

Can't Cry Anymore

She can't cry anymore
Her mother had warned her
Told her not to cry over trivial things
Or her tears would dry up
And so they had
But was it really trivial -
When the neighbor sneered at the shy 8-year-old
"You're the drunkard's girl aren't you?"
When the school laughed at the timid 12-year-old's
Too-short tunic because she was too
Poor to buy another
When the friends laughed at the nervous 14-year-old's
Flat chest and horsey teeth
When the auntie told the defeated 18-year-old
"You're not family. You're just a girl."
When people told the broken-hearted 23-year-old
"You aren't good enough to keep a man"
When the universe collapsed because her sun died

Yes, her tears have dried up
Maybe that made her stronger
Or was it hard and bitter?
Maybe old memories hold no sway
Or is it latent anger?
Maybe that meant she could be happy again
Or was it that she couldn't feel?

Yes, her tears have dried up
She can't cry anymore

Words by karmic justice
Read 774 times
Written on 2013-01-13 at 15:30

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Eli The PoetBay support member heart!
Often it is "ramblings" that tell the truest stories, and there is so much in here that I connect with.

It took me many years for my own tears to dry, and yes, they have made me stronger.

Thank you for sharing this, I'm not sure if you yet understand just how powerful your words are. If not then one day you will.