I love your eyes
Every aspect of them and what lies beyond
I stare and stare and I find volumes that haven't been read.
I find volumes that need to be re read and then again.
They fascinate me - your eyes
They're so distant or is it just a figment of my fears
And yet they're so meltingly soft when all we have are walls and our heartbeats for company.
I love it when they laugh at me. I love how they make me feel like a nervous, giddy school girl
And how they make me feel like a blushing bride. They pierce right through me and I can see how naked I truly am or how much I wish to be.
Your tears cloud it up and I wish they never have to fall.
I love your eyes. They're so brown and tall.
Last night, I forgot your lips. The softness and wildness of them.
I saw stories in your eyes. Everything I want to be but no more than I want to be yours.
I can feel myself moving. Out of my body. I think it's my soul. My entire consciousness that wants to shift home.
They're like an old home. One that I lived in back when the Titans ruled. The one that saw me, that protected me when we sat on clouds counting the raindrops that fell to the ground.
When I look into them, I fall into them. I see the histories we watched together. Of civilizations rising and heroes falling.
When you leave, I look into the mirror and I can still see the dreams they sold.
I long to run after you, to ask you to shrink me and fit me inside your eyes. Or even your slow, comforting heart would do. A Thumbelina. Yours.

Words by karmic justice
Read 537 times
Written on 2019-07-27 at 18:07

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wow!nice dear one!keep it up!
thank u for sharing