Open Secret?

I am lost in translation,
the unspoken
anguish silenced
long ago,
but only by age,
young, too young.

Realization today, now,
it shouts of difference,
wanting to tell,
but Pandora,
her box will be opened
and forever will be here,
can I cope?

Poetry by shells
Read 678 times
Written on 2013-01-24 at 01:08

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the temptation to tell secrets and unburden, but, oh, Pandora's box being opened requires much thought. I enjoyed reading this poem, which I read three times!

StillHoppin The PoetBay support member heart!
This is impressive. Pandora will likely not be refused (there are some boxes sitting around here that scare me to no end) but as for coping? Somehow we do. I have read this several times over, and still find it opening new thoughts.... Excellently done.

Ferenc Inigo Beck
Very perceptive.Remorseful but not whiney. Made me stop and think.

My instinct would be to keep Pandora in her box. But my reality would be to let her out, and then wish I had followed my instinct.

Maybe the confessional box of church would be a compromise, though I have my doubts. Maybe going to the park and telling the birds.

I like the first line very much.

Oh nice! With Pandora, I recall the box containing all the world's woes & ills. The hint to me was, no one person can cope singularly, but we must gather around ourselves a chosen and cherished company to share the battle & the booty! Blessings. Thanks for sharing.