A Mountain's Cry

I don't know why

does a mountain cry?

With such a greatness in him,

I cannot realize his grim.

Is that a sacrifice worth

the life thriving on the the earth.

And a thousands words that it teaches,

Patience, tolerance, stillness...

Is that the pain it suffers

due to the gushing winds,

the shining sun or the chilling cold,

making him more strong and bold.

Is that his willingness to bow down humbly

before the almighty

for his existence on the planet.

But alas... ! he cannot act.

His silence

makes me ill at ease.

O that I could know why

does a mountain cry?

Poetry by Shamshad Alam
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Written on 2013-02-09 at 10:57

Tags Mountain  Cry 

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If the mountain does not cry, perhaps we can cry for it. Your poem does just that.

Lovely, profound poem.


Shamshad Alam
Thanks Editorial Team for choosing the text and everyone who enjoyed reading it.
Thank you once again.

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