Found lurking in my drafts. Something I scribbled down sometime ago after finishing Stephen King's Dark Tower series.



When every step has been taken

Across the wastelands of the unknown

When the tower of the mind has fallen

And I am no longer anchored to a place called home

I will still drive the black heart that feeds me

Never bow to the eyes that crow

For I am the Gunslinger of all worlds

And I seek the blood of the blood red rose

And when my dreams have finally collided

Into all that I ever was

I will know  what needed to be done

Had to be done

Because in my world there is no because

Dark deeds are just my destiny

My heart knows of no other way

Though I yearn for bright eyes to lead me

I am eternally bound to the darkness of every day

For I am the Gunslinger of all worlds

There is nothing that can stay my course

So beware when the shadows are dancing

As I may just slip into your thoughts!

Poetry by Rik The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2013-03-25 at 06:34

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StillHoppin The PoetBay support member heart!
I love a lot of Stephen King's novels, but the end of the first Gunslinger novel made me decide I didn't want to read anymore about the protagonist - he's no protagonist of mine, lol. However, you have certainly captured the essence of that character here, and for that, well done! :)

Commentally Ill
*starts to say something snarky, but notices your gun and thinks better of it* *slowly backs away* *stops, lips twitching, unable to resist* *notices gun again* *runs away laughing - and dodging bullets*

but i didn't say anything! stop! shooting! at! me!

;-) ♫♬♪ Humm...The cure could be Zappanista you know!

In the dark
Where all the fevers grow
Under the water
Where the shark bubbles blow
In the mornin' , By yer radio
Do the walls close in t'suffocate ya
You ain't got no friends . . .
An' all the others: they hate ya
Does the life you been leadin' gotta go?
Well, let me straighten you out
About a little Russian
restaurant I know . . .
2013-03-25 Moods The PoetBay support member heart!
As you know, I've really enjoyed the Dark Tower series by Stephen King. It's an unusual tale from him compared to what he usually writes :)

The gunslinger comes to life in your text and the warning to beware he may slip into my thoughts describes the character's pull so well. He's definitely the one that draws into the story. Nicely written, j'ai bien aimé :)