A bit of fun from a long time ago.


A bridge provides a passage
the passage is the journey
a journey is a voyage
the voyage is the expedition
an expedition is a mission
the mission is the task
a task is a duty
the duty is the function
a function is a purpose
the purpose is ...
to take us to....
the other side

Poetry by shells
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Written on 2013-04-14 at 18:41

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Mark J. Wood
I made a mistake when I first saw this because I read the title as "Bride". I think that it works for me with either bridge or bride.


F.i.in.e Moods The PoetBay support member heart!
This is neat. I like the progression from one line to the next, all relating together and explaining the conclusion of what it's all for - I didn't expect it. I thought this was very good :)

Hans Bump
The writing is clean, precise and seamless.The sentiment is timeless.You fused the two so well.
Great read.

...and it would seem that's mostly what life's about: getting from one place to another and sometimes back again to home.



John Ashleigh
I love Fractal poetry. It is a difficult form. I like the sense of understanding here, shells. A powerful poem. Thankyou for sharing. *applaud*


Commentally Ill
bridge is a strange card game. i never understood it. thank you for making it a little less clear. :)

Morning Star
beautiful and insightful poem, magically written