This is a summary about Rurouni Kenshin, it might have some grammar mistakes, bu remember Im only 13, and I am sorry for making this too long

Trust and Betrayal

Trust and betrayal

Kenshin Himura, a samurai with a red cross on his left cheek trying to outrun the life he led ten years ago, when he was known as the legendary manslayer, Battosai. The greatest killer of the Edo dynasty and the assassin who helped bring the downfall of Tokugawa Shogunate. Wherever Kenshin travels, he meets people whose desires are either to kill him for changing the balance of power, or hire him for his incredible skills. Kenshin swore never to kill again to repent for the lives he took and now carries a sword with a reversed blade that kills anything without mercy except for humans.
Later on, when he wanders into a quiet village and meets the lovely lady Kaoru Kamiya, Kenshin finds a chance to live a life of love and honesty that he's been searching for, but Kenshin knows many obstacles await him, as he was thinking, a villager had been screaming around the entire place saying "Lord Shishio is coming" in fear, and from those words Kenshin remembered who Lord Shishio was. He was the samurai Kenshin fought back in the revolution. Makoto Shishio, a blood thirsty samurai who was entirely covered with bandages after the government shot him in the head and burned his body. He was a huge threat to the people who live in japan. He was a manslayer just as Kenshin was. The government's intensions were to injure him badly so he could never hold a sword again, but many years past and Shishio's injuries healed and he was able to fight as hard as he did back in the revolution.
Shishio always had a saying of his own "Only the fittest survive in this world, if you are strong you live if you are weak you die". Kenshin thought that if the strong live and the weak die, a lot of blood would shed, and Kenshin promised to protect Japan with every last power he has. So he had to think of something, but his friends did not know about Makoto Shishio arrival so Kenshin told them, and Kaoru suggested that we start heading to Kyoto, and put an end to this, so everybody can have peace again, and live a fearless life. However, a day later a very handsome and skilled man that also fought in the revolution had come to battle Battosai, the manslayer and not Kenshin Himura the wanderer. Kenshin accepted his offer, but in return nobody has to get hurt but the two of them fighting. Hikaru (kenshins friend) had known his weakest point, it was that every time Kenshin gets hurt, and crosses his limits, he is getting one step closer to being the manslayer he was ten years ago.
Sanosuke told Kaoru about it and so Kaoru did everything in her power to stop them from fighting, but Kenshin couldn't hear anything, because those two weren't fighting in Tokyo in the meiji era, they were fighting in Kyoto during the revolution. Ten years ago Kenshin promised to never shed blood with his own sword, within four hours of Saito's arrival in the dojo, the government put an end to this fight, because Saito Hajime was only send to test Battosai's skills and not kill him.
So weeks past until Kenshin's injuries healed, but Saito's words still followed him "A wolf will always be a wolf, the Shinsengumi will always be the Shinsengumi, and a manslayer will always be a manslayer isn't that right battosai?". Days later, Shishio hired a man with high incredible skills named Soujiro Seta. Shishio always said that the weak are on top of the food chain, meaning that the weak become food for the strong. Soujiro was trained by Shishio, so he hired him because he was the only one that Shishio could truly trust. Soujiro was hired to weaken Kenshin by battling against him, so when Kenshin would go fight against Shishio, he would be weakened enough to defeat Kenshin.
Days past, Kenshin, Saito, and Hikaru were headed to Kyoto and they had an encounter with a lovely girl named Misao Makimachi. A ninja who was raised by a powerful group named Oniwabanshu. Back in the days where Misao was small the Oniwabanshu had a terrible battle against another group who named themselves the band of seven. The band of seven was also a very powerful group who brought an end to the Oniwabanshu, meaning that Misao suffered a terrible loss, losing every member of the group. Kenshin felt horrified about her loss, and started telling her about his childhood. When Kenshin was a child his biological parents died, and some other people adopted him. Kenshin loved the parents that adopted him so much, he would do anything for them, but in the meantime when Kenshin was young his name was Shinta, meaning heart. The parents that adopted him loved him more than anything in the world. Back in the revolution living safe was their main target, but it was very hard living that way. Shinta and his adopted parents lived in a dojo where no one would find them, or at least that's what they thought. They thought that manslayers are stupid enough to be able to avoid a dojo in the forest.
The next day Shinta's mother and father went out to find some vegetables and fruits. In the meantime Shinta was training swordsmanship back in the dojo with a wooden sword. As Shinta's parents were headed back, many men had blocked the way. The men were asking for Shinta, but the parents refused to hand him over, and as they were screaming around Shinta heard the sound of his parents and ran as fast as he could. The parents were trying to distract the men while Shinta was running, but the parents were outnumbered. Shinta's parents begged them to take their lives in exchange for Shinta's life. They started the execution with Shinta's father, and his mother left these words for him before she was killed "Live on Shinta, live a strong life". As it was Shinta's turn to be executed, a strong man came out of the blue, rescuing him and changing his name to Kenshin. He thought that a name as soft as that wouldn't fit for a strong samurai. The strong rescuer's name was Hiko. Hiko had high skills, and so he made Kenshin his apprentice. Two years past, and Kenshin grew in strength. He sees life in a different light, which means his desire to kill, is slowly vanishing. Kenshin gets to live the life, he wished for, although his past still haunts him.

Short story by Mirlinda K.
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I've only watched the movies that sort of sum everything up so I have a difficult time understanding all of this one. Something that stands out in my mind is how, for a time, his scar would bleed each time he killed.