A poem Describing the anniversary of Albania's independence, and how proud we Albanians are.

Independence of Albania 28.11.2014 (1912)

Mistakes can be forgotten
but the pain they cause may never become as soft as cotton
because things that are willingly left behind
are always, no matter what, somewhere in our mind

Pain is forgettable and passes by time
and forgiveness is never a crime
so today we celebrate our independence and freedom
which many have died for
we have fought with all our might and wisdom
tall, and short, rich or poor

Shqiperia means the land of eagles
the red and black flag represents blood and freedom of the people
and today we celebrate our 102 years of independence
which makes every Albanian proud
and today we sing and dance
as we celebrate and scream with our hearts very loud
we sing Albania's anthem song
which we will always keep in our hearts forever long

Poetry by Mirlinda K.
Read 1611 times
Written on 2014-11-28 at 15:16

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Happy independence day. We celebrate the U. S. independence day (roughly 1776) in July. Very nice commemorative poem. Very heartfelt and sincere.