Made fresh green beans the other day and wanted to try and poetically describe the process and the pleasures.

Flavors and Aromas from the Garden

Those fresh green beans snapped in my hands
opening the natural aroma of this lovely food
I take a moment and pick up one of these halves

and inhale the fragrance of earthly gifts


The green is bright as if painted with sunlight
I place them in the colander, running cool water

over each glistening piece, pleasing my eyes

while I sing a light hearted tune of delight


Touching the now wet surface, smooth, yet

with a touch of fuzz about the pod to feel

I move them around in the fresh water
making sure all dirt is removed before eating


I drain the water and place the delicious beans

in a pot with just enough water to touch their tops

A little onion cut into a quarter piece adds flavor

with a dash of salt and three grinds of the pepper mill


I stand by and watch while my mind travels far

away to another time and place where cooking

was just another chore, to be done, by a working mom

to feed her hungry family of children and a spouse


Now I cook them so I can taste the explosion of flavor

While smelling the mixture of scents wafting up to my face

I breathe in, filling my head with the freshness of morning dew

As I watch, the green grows brighter still, as if enhanced by God's kiss 



I fill my waiting bowl full, then add a pat of sweet butter on top

watching it melt as my mouth waters for the taste I know is coming

The taste of fresh green beans from the backyard garden

That grew in rich, dark earth, from a seed, that I once planted.



Poetry by Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2013-11-01 at 07:46

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Sid Gardner
I have a plot of land which I hire from our town council.
I grow all that I can but my favorite are strawberries.
I have lots this year. They are good, wholesome and terrific, with brown sugar and cream.

But better still I have a deck overlooking the whole plot with a table and four chairs under an awning. Great for sharing a bottle of wine with friends and of course those freshly picked strawberries while watching all the other delights grow.

A poetic culinary delight, nothing quite like the freshness of garden produce, sowed from seed, nurtured with love then and now.

countryfog The PoetBay support member heart!
Delicious, in every way. I used to shell peas and snap beans for my mother, never a chore but a bond between us. I think now I understand how she too felt.

There is only one thing that could be nicer than reading this poem, and that would be (obviously) to taste. This is good enough.

The cycle within a cycle—the planting, harvesting, preparing, eating cycle, also the repetition of the process cycle, once for your family, some time ago, and now for yourself—makes this sweet and poignant, not to mention savory!

Life is for living. Bon appétit!