Just wrote this in my status on facebook. I wanted to share it here too. Hope you enjoy my meanderings.

A Tortise, A Dog, and Me

 Today Rugby and I went for our walk. It was still morning so the heat of the day hadn't arrived yet and it was somewhat cool for Florida. A very pleasant walk we had. We came upon a tortise making its way to where tortises go rather slowly. I was so excited! it was about 10ins long and 8ins wide. It had the most beautiful shell. It was a light charcoal with dark black etchings of different shapes in patterns all over it's shell. I thought of helping this little guy/gal along but something told me, "just let nature be."So, I did.


 Rugby wanted nothing to do with it at all. A dog, who has a trait of barking at anything, everything, and nothing, had nothing to say about our new friend. She just kept pulling me away while I kept pulling her back. She was to me like one of my grandkids, or nieces or nephews, that I would take nature walks with and point out the interesting and exciting things we might find along away. She had a different attitude of the event and did not appreciate my enthusiam at all. 


Later, back at the house, I was talking to Jen, my daughter-n-law, about our find and describing it to her. She told me it was and endangered species, a Gopher Tortise. And, that it was against the law to bother them in any way. The dog, Rugby, must have known this and in her way, was telling me to, "move on Nana!" After all of that, I began to think about the special design on the Gopher Tortise and I saw God in it. I asked Jen, "How can any one see nature with all its designs and colors and not believe in God, especially an artist. God is the Almighty Artist, The Creator of ALL." Jen's answer was quick and to the point. She said, "People don't go outside enough anymore." I think she is right. 


What a day I had with a simple walk with a sweet dog, who has taken my heart, and is created by God for human companionship. It was a good day for me. It was a Blessed Day for me. I felt very close to God; so close that I reached down and felt the beautiful design he personally drew on the back of a tortise...just for me. 

Short story by Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2013-11-24 at 02:04

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This is wonderful Kathy, written with grace and gratitude and more reverence than most people take the time to acknowledge these days. I had a similar day with my three-year old grandson, beginning with an opossum coming to breakfast with my usual critters, and my grandson asked me to take him on a walk . . . we walked a dry streambed and he climbed up and down the rocks of a waterfall, we flushed two cottontails though my grandson was more startled than they, we studied a winged ant which he was scared of until I let it climb on my hand and then he did too, collected catalpa seedpods and a pretty rock. Every day is filled with such possibility, but only if we go out and look for it, preferably with a dog or a grandchild.