A Mythic Being

In the country there are jewels
Grown crystals big as sheep
Immemorial cities sprout from the grass
Improbable gargoyles fly to death from the living earth
At first, no camera captures the breath of flowers
Wild innocence stolen from the Sun
Miraculous prayers dance upon the crepuscular surface of fields
A dream alive within each seed of hope sown both far and wide
There are creatures born to tinker with clock and scales
Progeny of Antaeus devise ways to move the feet of deity
A cross of ankles twist the terms of salvation into bland crucifixion 

An EverPresent Now blares the daily repetitious fiction
A taint of camera surveys flower factories 
Packing freights of kneecaps, suggestive elbows
Compress ribs back into the dust.

Poetry by Chaucer Whethers The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 480 times
Written on 2014-02-20 at 10:35

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