Sometimes I write a brief short story to get things out of my system. This is the first time I actually publish one of them in unedited form. Usually if I don't feel "done", they end up as a short poem. But that didn't feel appropriate for this.


"No! I don't want it. Please, be GONE!". Escape, Ctrl-C, Delete, Aaaah! BREAK! No! Somewhere deep inside me I find a patch of calm. Oh, I remember, and then click the X in the corner and take a deep breath. It's gone! I lean back, observing my wallpaper. "Keep calm, and don't blink", it tells me. And I feel the anxiety leave my still slightly overloaded mind. The attacks are getting more frequent. It's getting increasingly hard to stay online for any extended period of time, and it has been going on for some time now. It pains me, because I thrive on information. I want to KNOW, but can I? They tell me things, about how we all have to absorb too much information. But that's not what's happening, I'm actually starving!

Everywhere I look, summary after summary. Facebook, twitter, blog after blog. Things yelling at me, I AM TRUTH! READ ME! EVERYTHING IN LESS THAN 140 CHARACTERS! Who cares about the rest of the story? All you need to know. Always compressed into an ever decreasing number of characters. It's all too much! We can't possibly read it all! WE don't need the facts, just tell me the basics! Truth compressed into unrecognizable drivel. Who launched my browser? Didn't I just turn it o... and I feel myself falling.

Opening my eyes, blinking. What? A moment pass, then I watch my screen. "KEEP CALM, DON'T BLINK", and I smile. That's all I'll ever need.

Short story by mickeko
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Written on 2014-03-01 at 23:43

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