Inspired by a tweet from @wordwhispers Matching song? "Cold, Cold" - Larry Carlton and Robben Ford

His love am I He is my love We found our self(love) in each other?

The inspiration spark - tweet from @wordwhispers: "One of life's important lessons: We are only going to be offered imperfect people to love."

My direct reply:
Hm @WordWhispers *2*be able to love is big*2*be LOVE even greater2 keep being you is never an issue when you are love Memories are not love

Some more here:

Love, love is not situation related
not even agoraphobia is situation related
but if I would entertain the thought:

Which places, trigger your agoraphobia?
A person is a place
Which place(s)-person(s) trigger your Love?
"wherever you go there you are"
. . . and now that I think about it, to how many
can you say: Your love is agoraphobic You are
love but you only come out and play when you
are in a safe place-person? 
Please, keep being a loving person
Otherwise I feel that I become the place you 
are afraid of. If I(out of love)become what
you want me to be. I will become the monster
you are afraid of. Is that what you wish?
Because if you keep seeing other people as
the place you are afraid of then you will only
see monsters around you That is how you can
become the creator of the HELL that you live in.

You will also become more vulnerable to those
that seek to take advantage of you. Not because
they are evil but because perhaps they are afraid
to be alone(with themselves, the place they live in
inside them). Or you will find someone else that 
suffers as you do but together you will amplify
your fear.

When you find a safe place to be You do not
automatically cure your agoraphobia you 
feed it and become(in the long run) even more 
afraid and more attached to that place(or person)
without any real reason.

If you at first found love with a certain someone
Why did that someone became love A place to experience
love A place to be love and without that person you feel
unloved or not able to love someone else?

When you find love together with someone
It doesn't mean that that person becomes 
what you found. You will always have the 
memories you created together wouldn't
it be great if you shared the love made the
world a better place to live in?

Feel free to be love
Feel also free to use your intelligence
Do not - out of love harm someone 
by giving them what they want.


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Written on 2014-03-02 at 17:18

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love has its ways and i think love is not easy thank you for your writting

love has its ways and i think love is not easy thank you for your writting