Before Time

A long long time ago
When birds weren't birds
They were a possibility
of existence
Of creatures flying
above our heads
To think of what we must have been
A part in someone's body
An arm, a leg
A centuries old egg
Not existing but living
Lying in wait
Of a miracle to give it life
To make it wholesome
A new person
A strand of my hair shines in the sunlight
I think of the first strand of hair on this world
How it must have glinted the DNA's of centuries to come
How the bonds were cracked open and replaced
By one another
To produce new faces
With different eyes and noses
Sometimes, I wonder
Where was I when the world was beginning
The sun was being placed in the centre
Where was I when women were not allowed to vote
And still wore gaspingly-tight corsets
Where was I when Shaitan defied Allah
and refused to bow before Hazrat Adam
Now, as the eagles go flying above my head
In huge droves towards home
The sun is just about to set
The answer comes to me instantly
I was a possibility
Of existence.

Poetry by Nabeela Altaf
Read 1042 times
Written on 2014-03-15 at 11:15

Tags Time  Existence 

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Ferenc Inigo Beck
Well done! A very thoughtful piece.