A Child

What is a child?
A little creature
With little fingers and toes
A truly beautiful gift.

But will soon be carved into a young man
And slowly consuming the air
Will lose his innocence
And the beauty will disappear.

A blank piece of paper
Will be soon printed with words.
And that he see, that he hear, that he feel
Will decide his destiny.

As raindrops from the sky
Will return to the dust
And the purpose of  his  life
Will be lost in the darkness.

Poetry by Shamshad Alam
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Written on 2014-03-15 at 15:42

Tags Child  Nature 

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All so true, and it's repeated through the ages never changing, yet we wish for a little more. I like a poem that tells it like it is, even if it's depressing. What we live during that time is all a fantasy which we can change and re-arrange and make it have some tender happy times. Good poem.