A song I wrote for a friend last year, appearing on my old hard-drive. If only he knew how brilliant he was, but we rarely see it for ourselves.

Bird in a Cage

When you look in the mirror
Who do you judge yourself by?
When you step out of the shower
Are you simply just a simple guy?
Do you measure up to the image
You expect yourself to be?
Or do you tell yourself
Not good enough, not good enough
As you stare down at your feet?
I wish you'd lift that head up high
And see that you're only free
When you stop leaning on your
Lack of self belief

If your words had the power
To turn your life around
Could you sing them out loud enough
To shake off all your doubt
Throw pity in the corner
Cause you know that you wanna
Hold your own when you face another crowd

Are you worried someone's better
Or that you might look the fool?
Did they hear me hit a wrong note
Do they think that I'm not cool
Can they see the sweat that's forming
Knees shaking where you stand
Crumbling beneath pressure
You apply with your own hands
I wish you could only see your smile
When it's shining back at me
When you're just yourself
That's all you have to be

You just be yourself
That's all you have to be
A bird in a cage
Sings better when it's free
You're all locked up but it's
You who holds the key
Just be yourself,
That's all you have to be.

Poetry by Purple Phoenix
Read 728 times
Written on 2014-03-17 at 07:02

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