This is a Pidgin English* I wrote when all the hell got loosen on me. When no one ever tried helping me.

Pidgin English is commonly used in West Afrca. Everyone speaks it in West Africa.

Dis House No Fit Fall

You tink say dis house fit fall?
Because me I no tink say e fit fall
When everyting wey around am dey strong
So e no fit fall at all at all

I never see dis kin' house before
Because I dey live for inside wetin
Dem dey call Heart of Darkness
Where only de Survivor dey Survive

Now, my heart don dey pain me well well
Because de house wey me I dey stay
Don fall; fall like Satan from Heaven
So as e don fall, so my life don scatter

I know wan make una pity for me
Because dis life dey greedy
Na only promise promise people dey make
But dem no fit fulfil am

I dey tell you dis, because I don see
Dis world tire. Dis world no dey easy
You fit live de way you wan leave
Everyting just dey go up and down

Abeg, make una answer me
If de hut wey my Papa build for village
Fit stand like dis one dey stand like so
Abeg...abeg...make una tell me.

Poetry by Onyeka Nwelue
Read 1030 times
Written on 2006-04-17 at 14:46

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Jon Hanover
Just glad you are nowhere near the ports in South Africa where they speak over 150 dialects including Pidgin English. Actually based on the way it sounds as I read it it sounds Jamaican as well. There language is similar to Pidgin. Back to the poem very good write I enjoy it, makes me feel like you are telling me personally.

This is the best piece of poetry.
The language, the story ; the language within the story, the rythm.. oh.., what a rythmmm.
I have read it seven times, and I shall continue reading it. You`ve created a peakhole into a humanbeing with this text, and a travel into unknown land.
That is so valueable it is beyond value.
Thank you. With love¤Lourdes