Charlatans Web

The internet it seems has produced a different breed
That can change their look
by an angle they took
In their bathrooms at lightening shutter speed

It's seems that bullying is ok now, yes especially online
This breed can turn their head
when a bad word is said
"None of my business, she's not a friend of mine"

And love.. Oh don't get me started! Really? Who can trust
Those who lie about their age,
look at her facebook page
She's thirteen and that's her forearm not her bust

All those lonely status updates crying out for attention
Oh bleeding hearts I implore you,
if you want someone to adore you
Please give the things that make you happy a small mention?

So now a screen is the stage and reality is a tv show
In the age of information,
one could make the observation
Life would be better if you just switched it off.... You know?!

Poetry by Purple Phoenix
Read 797 times
Written on 2014-05-16 at 06:08

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An excellent view of the situation, and with good humor! :)

The internet is here to stay with its good and bad features. Social sites in particular I find them to be very dangerous places to meet people and to place private information about oneself.

Anonymity is important to me so I would not choose to go public with my life, but I suppose it serves a purpose in this modern world where people find it difficult to meet real people.

On the other hand I like the anonymity that can be provided in a site such as this and I don't consider using some fictitious information the work of a charlatan, since the purpose is to write poetry and not to meet individuals. Many people have reasons for not revealing their true identity while exposing their hearts and souls in poetry. If a friendship is formed, true identities can be exchanged. It's my humble opinion, anyway.

Very good points made in this poem.

Rob Graber
I enjoyed this, and the title is clever!

Elle The PoetBay support member heart!
I think it is just a matter of perspective really - there are the attention seekers out there - I am always amazed when I see on social network sites people giving out the gory details of their relationships - I just think a) they must be terrifically arrogant if they think anyone is interested in their sordid little lives or; b) they're a bit sad and lonely and need that boost. Its here to stay and we just have to adapt to it - take what is good and leave what is bad. We've all met the trolls but out of it all, yes I've made some good friends - Enjoyed the write and I do completely get where you are with this :-) Sorry for the ramble lol

Elle x

ken d williams The PoetBay support member heart!
The net , like the curates egg , good and bad in parts.
I've , been more fortunate than some. I enjoy the best of the net. Met good and great people , who have become good and great friends.

Saniya Fayaz

Ivan R
Many debates have been, are held about the Internet age and its pros and cons, all are somewhat valid, but not many that strong.
This poem I believe is one of the best made stands on what this world we inhabit is all about, not really making a point that alienates, not putting on a fire, but just simply letting us know, what we have in front of us, to struggle with.

A better poem about this Internet-age I have not encountered.