Still Dancing

I've been at my sons graduation
I felt like hell, it has been a tough year
and we are one of those ghastly
fractured families but my boys,
they are my meaning of life.
I was on a walking stick, it stinks
when I used to run everywhere

My boys, the
meaning of my life
I can't explain, no one will ever know
how my heart just bursts.
I felt fat and frumpy and everything
I am not fat, but I hate the stick
it galls me

Today I swam like a fish
I can still do that
and I bloody sang
I was a dolphin
and I flipped in the waves

Bet the detractors will still hurt me

Don't they think

I have feelings too

and I never said I was clever

I just sing at night and dance
with mermaids at night

Poetry by Elle The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 588 times
Written on 2014-07-17 at 22:38

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If the detractors were a little less flatulent, they would be tractors, fit for tilling a better and more useful type of dirt than that they take such banal pleasure in wallowing in. I am certain you glowed and I know they knowed (your boys, that is)

Stick them detractors! Congrats to both you and your son, nothing like a graduation for a mothers heart to swell with pride.

Lawrence Beck The PoetBay support member heart!
As you should. Pity the detractors for not having better things to do.

Congratulations to you and your sons and I bet it was only you who felt self conscious of the stick, and everyone else thought you were the coolest mother around. Dancing and swimming are two of my passions as well, and I am sure your body showed to its perfection. You will sing and dance with mermaids tonight, stick or no stick. :-)