Finding Happiness

I've been crying day in and day out,
I've been looking for reasons to shout,
But something that I've seen today,
Just happened to make my day.

An old woman begging on the street,
Walking around on her wobbly feet,
Smiled when I gave her all my food money,
It's as though I've made her gloomy day sunny.

I thought to myself that while I've been crying,
Every moment when I felt like dying,
This woman who has it worse than me,
Goes on living her life completly free.

Of all worries, of all pain,
Of all the reason she has to cry out in vain,
She spends her days finding happiness in small things,
All day long walking on the road she sings.


My days have just started,
My eyes have just opened,
I've still got breath in me,
I need to know what it means to be free.

I might have met a dead end,
But I'll walk around,
I might have made a mistake,
But I'll mend it quietly, without a sound,
I'll make sure those aren't repeated again,
I've grown up a little more,
I've stopped living in my innocent little fantasy world.


Poetry by Kshiti Dubey The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 666 times
Written on 2014-08-05 at 09:12

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Yes i's true how humbling it is to see someone so much worse off than ourselves making the most of it all:)
Nice work:)

What a wonderful lesson in this poem! A possible cure for those sad days.