naked truth

What if I asked,
for you to remove that mask?
I want to see if you're true,
if underneath, it's really you.

And with each turn
of opportunity I have asked
of you to see me and
to quit requiring me to put

my mask back on...
realise, unmasked value:
this is me, and all of who I am;
hopefully, that is enough for you.

_ __ ___ ✏

Poetry by arquious
Read 548 times
Written on 2015-12-20 at 01:02

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This us actually very romantic. Can anyone really remove all the masks we have put on over the years to protect our fragile souls and broken hearts ? I find it a very sensual thought to trust someone so much as to let all the masks fall to the floor one by one, and stand there, naked, vulnerable. A beautiful thought.