As History Repeats Itself

The real and somatic reflector, the second best,
Was redeemed by no warrior

Putrescent mind and skilful claws,
In the reflection is what is truly yearned for
A steel fist was craftily built, to penetrate
to break, jagged enough to wound
but failed to reach through the glass as the
handcrafted framework, the substructure and the glue is holding so tight
Even before the arrival, but soon became a feeble mans steal

Adhered to the fragmented mirror. And no longer treasured like it deserves
Following all the affliction and suffering
Instead deflected and back-scattered,
It's rough and uneven

No doubt I feel
That when the sun hits it,
Begins dissapearing from the hands of the falsifier
it will disintegrate into the earth and be one with itself.

Poetry by Esunis
Read 893 times
Written on 2014-11-28 at 18:14

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