how the loss of a loved one affects the image of a person to a pit of isolation and sadness ...
and then the rise from it all

Dark clouds

I try to stand up
then I fall
I try to stand up again
But life pulls me back down.

I guess the answer remains within me
I don't know what I am
I don't know what can I do
all thoughts corrupted
all thinking vanished
all peace gone

Is it me or someone else in the mirror
I see a creature condemned in his own self
I am molded by the lost hope
of someone who has gone far ,far away

Pain cannot be seen until felt by one
it is treacherous to feel alone yet not
how can I reduce pain?
how can I be me?

well that is one question of my life
left unanswered
waiting to be answered.
What I truly need is peace
but most important of all:
All I need is to find myself.

With the last of my courage
I try to stand once again
But life pulls me back down
but this time deeper in the pit.

I cannot dare to try again.
Pain is something that bites
again and again each time stronger
What's the use of trying when failure is imminent?

I have decided
to end all this pain and suffering
Looking at the dark sky, I feel I have no regrets.
The earth now tired of me it seems ..

I think of ending my life
Finally at peace I may be
I would not be a coward if I did so
but indeed
A courageous person for
Having the strength to end it all.

I remember my mother
with the loss of her passing
burnt into my heart
the heart which she tried to grow
with her serenity and peace.

With one last tear in my eyes
muffled in the rain of the dark clouds
I say my last on the top of a building
"Mom i'll be one with you now.
Goodbye world
You won't miss me...."

but here I am writing this poem
remembering how it was.
The line between life and death
is just hope

The dark clouds that night reminded me
of how we played in the rain
A loving memory
of her words had spread out its hand to my tear
removing the pit of isolation within me.
the growling inside my mind stopped
I now realise, she was with me all along
and still is.

Tides have changed.
I haven't got all the answers,.
but I got the answers I needed.
The line between life and death
is just hope.
The line between life and death
is just love.

Poetry by Christopher Pinto
Read 1053 times
Written on 2014-12-27 at 19:28

Tags Poem  Sad  Life 

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I think the people we have had in our lives never really go away completely unless we choose to forget them. A beautiful poem about the depths of despair--and the rise above it.

I really like how you turned this around from the depths of despair into hope and a will to live. Well done! :-)