by Giovanni Pascoli,translated from the italian by Geoffrey Brock.

Last Dream

Out of a motionless infernal
shudder and clang of steel on steel
as wagons moved toward the eternal,
a sudden silence: I was healed.

The stormcloud of my sickness fled
on a breath. A flickering of eyes,
and I saw my mother by my bed
and gazed at her without surprise.

Free! Helpless, yes, to move the hands
clasped on my chest—but I had no
desire to move. The rustling sounds
(like cypress trees, like streams that flow

across vast prairies seeking seas
that don’t exist) were thin, insistent:
I followed after those vain sighs,
ever the same, ever more distant.











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Written on 2015-01-09 at 06:07

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Thanks for posting this. I'm especially fond of Italian poetry and it's difficult to find good translations. This Pascoli poem is excellent, about death I presume. I'll have to look up the Italian version. My Italian is very bad, but with the help of a dictionary, a good translation like this, and Google Translate, I can muddle through.