Can any of you understand me? Leave in your comments your views on this poem x - 25th April 2006

The figure of authority is there. I feel as if I'm misunderstood by man itself.

Man in white.

The man in the white,
Watches me as I walk away.
So it’s the ending, no more pretending.


He points his finger,
And told me love would save us.


Look what god gave us,
The man in the white exclaims.
Dust burns from my remains,
And is cleaned by the tenacious rain.


You told me,
Tell me again.
And told me love would save us.


An unequivocal success,
The man in white suggests.
So it’s the ending, no more pretending.


I carry on trailing,
And the prevailing winds push me.


The dynamism is so strong now,
As the man in the white points.
Corroding in me as I disappoint.


The man in the white,
The woman in the white,
Both watch me as I walk away.

Poetry by John Ashleigh
Read 882 times
Written on 2006-04-25 at 23:51

Tags Deep 

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i think that this poem is confussing but i understood it after i read it a few times and it is a good poem!!!!! and one more thing i havent heard from you all day and i dont know what is going on and i hope to hear from you soon!!!!
i love you so much
amber lynn
P.S. this poem was really good just a bit confussing!!!!

My first impression changed as I continued reading into the poem. And if I am not careful I will read into my interpretation thoughts and convictions drawn from my personal experience. Funny how literature can elicit that.

Anyways. First an image of say a medical person - doctor, shrink, orderly... the poetic persona may be leaving a hospital or an institution, a clinic, or a home. See, I was watching 'All Saints' last night.

Then, an image of a minister of religion - Anglican, Catholic, Charismatic - in white suit, or even a cultic leader.... Funny. The word 'love' brought that about. Even some holy figure, Jesus, Mohammed, a shaman, some priest-like surreal spiritual guide.

Then something in the past - whether of protection or authority - society in general, a worldview that has changed and is purged.... seared and burnt away. But not only that but wiped clean - by water (here in the form of rain). I was driving home in the rain last night and relishing the fact that at motorway speed and the pelting force of the rain - I got a free carwash as well....

Why is it 'ending' though....? Closure, moving on?

The mention of the woman then puts a whole new picture into play - could it be parent-figures: a growing up, growing away from?

Man, most of your poems can be filmed in segments. Very vivid frames.

Kathy Lockhart
John, I am hesitant to say, but I will give my thoughts because you asked. I feel the finger is from a man in authority over you, perhaps your father. He says one thing to you and does another. He demands respects and gives none. You can never please him. You have been defeated in spirit for awhile, but you have the strength within to stand firm and move forward not letting him and perhaps your mother suck the "you" out of you. Am I anywhere close? Powerfully written. I think parents sometimes forget that their children are people who are individuals not just offspring. Kathy