This was inspired by the occassion of my mother's death. She was surrounded by her husband of 70 years, all 9 children and many, many grandchildren and great grandchildren. She died 15 Dec. 1999. I wrote this last year.

Momma's Homecoming

A breath taken so shallow
A body weary from life
Children surrounding the bed
A father loving his wife.

Voices united in song
Sing hymns you like to hear
Hoping you're feeling their love
Knowing the time is so near

Your eyes closed to our heartache
Your hands lay soft by your side
Your sweet essence filled our souls
You await your chariot ride

Your husband clings to your hand
Sobbing in sorrow and pain
His head hung low in despair
Praying for your life again

Seventy decades of love
Cannot be broken in death
A part of him went with you
When you took your one last breath

You tilted your head upward
Your blue eyes openened in awe
The light of God beamed 'round you
The face of Jesus you saw

Heaven's angels raised you higher
Placed you in your Father's hands
He kissed you on your forehead
And showed you the promise land

Poetry by Kathy Lockhart
Read 1034 times
Written on 2006-04-25 at 23:57

Tags Death  Family  Heaven 

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Oh my god!

I am truly crying as I write this!

So beautiful and sad!

chills down my spine and tears down my face.

Thank you!

Your mother can be so very lucky to have you!

Shas Ramlogan
Entralling and vivid. I felt the emotion.

Lourdes taken by your piece I forgot to rate it.

You painted so much with this poem.
I could almost see the wallpaper design.
This picture should hang in the national gallery
so sad, but yet so including and divine.
Thank you a universe for sharing this.
Love , Lourdes.

John Ashleigh
Very lovely, a very touching poem that somehow relates to everyone but me, as I'm still 16 and very young. ><

'Your blue yees openened in awe' - a typo here :)