Standing up for my right to have insults thrown at me (but not bullets)

The thing that is great about being insulted is that it illuminates my strengths and weaknesses... I see it as a kind a therapy.

By observing the parts of my psyche that get reactivated by the insults,
I get to see which parts of the insult have any truth in them;
I get to see the parts of myself that I have denied.

(If someone says something that makes me want to go buy an automatic weapon,
that is a jolly good indication that there is something
I am in denial about.)

In the case of my faith, I get to see my doubt.
In the case of my innocence, I get to see my evil.
In the case of my poetry, I get to find out how much I hate you.

God isn't only good...

God includes all of it,
God includes my doubt, as well as my faith.
God includes my evil, as well as my goodness.
God includes my atheism, as well as my devotion.
God includes your stupidity, as well as my wisdom.

God does not need to be protected from the possibility that she might not exist.
Can you not see how ridiculous that is?
I mean we're talking about God!
You know, God?
The big G?

God does not care about yours or my ridiculous petty grievances
about things that we believe or don't believe in.
I prayed really hard this morning and she told me that herself.

Any sage worth his salt will tell you that! -

You cannot know god
until you give up the bonkers notion
that you already know her.

That is the whole point, you idiot shit-faces!

Poetry by Andrew Bindon
Read 660 times
Written on 2015-01-16 at 10:19

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