calming the flailing mind, or perhaps a poetic angst . . .

daring to hope again

in spite of what surrounds us
whatever circumstances are
we are learning to find peace 
within ourselves 
regardless of what's 

going on around us, 
learning to self-soothe 
kind of thing and find
we all are coming through 
to the other side, strong 

persons we've missed;
our friendships through 
a new season approaching
and a sense begins to form
that peace rising up from 

inside the very core of you! 
and it's a happy moment
this first day of autumn 
here, although summer 
is quite happily overstaying

so colours are changing
and the breeze is blowing 
face the horizon, your hair 
a banner waving, highlights
in sun beams, catch and shine

___ __ _✒

Poetry by arquious
Read 605 times
Written on 2016-03-01 at 04:14

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I love the leaping feeling of this poem at the end as it notices hopeful things. Very pretty.

This is so much about finding our own peace. Never quit on hope.
Beautifully written.

Rob Graber
Hope springs eternal. I like especially "peace rising up from / inside the very core of you!"