Are you a child of the night?

Children of the night
around the globe
searching for answers

Discovering what is
devastating or edifying

Poets are the
children of the night

Who are
yearningly awaiting
for the after midnight

A transcription of thoughts
ready to be shared and read
with the rest of the world

I am a poet
child of the night

Feeling lonesome tonight
Searching for answers
once again

I have learned to be lonely

In my pain I 've been seeking for beauty
In my art I found beauty in pain

What have you learned child of the night?

Midnight poet,
have you learned to be lonely?

Share the answers you found
with the rest of the world;

Tonight is the night, for you to know
that you are not alone anymore :)

Poetry by night soul woman The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2006-04-26 at 02:39

Tags Poet  Night  Inspiration 

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Zoya Zaidi
My dear child of the night,
I am your child of the night too.
For when and sit and day dream,
My night comes to mind, my lone
Bed, my lofty balcony, no Romeo in sight,
I, a Juliet sit in my terrace, alone and forlorn,
The world goes by in Neptune hues, my
Life in the grayish tinge, as I think of the
Loneliness, that grips me, much deeper
Than the skin...
I am your child of the night
I am your Kith and Kin!
I am the poet, I am the philosopher,
I am the lonely one...

((((Hugs dear night soul woman)))))
Avery inspirational piece, and my answer to you query!
Love, xxx, Zoya