8+1 Rime couées & your rhyme scheme

In this writing challenge we will provide you with 8 rime couées aka end rhymes except the last one, the last one you will have to find yourself but it will have to rhyme with the word none and you will have to create your own rhyme scheme or use the rhyme scheme of your choice. Surprise us!

Why do we want you to find the last rhyme yourself? It opens up a world of possibilities for content and theme! 

1.All the end rhymes given in the list below have to be used. 
2. You will have to find a word that rhymes with the word 
none and use it as your last end rhyme
3. For unknown words search on the net
4. If you need help to find the right rhyming word 
you may do as suggested above
5. Remember to add(challenge) at the end of yout title


Let's see what we can do!


The list of 8+1 tail rhymes



enter here the word of your choice
that will also be the last word of the last line of your poem!




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