A seasonal repost...

easter: a modest reflection

so let me get this straight
god creates a kind
in his own image
and gives em a proclivity for sinning
and sure enough they sin
making em unfit for his company
the only fix for this mess
is for god to send his son
who is totally without sin
to suffer horribly and die
so god can raise him from the dead
hey i welcome the coming of spring
as much as the next guy
but give me a break

Poetry by Rob Graber
Read 885 times
Written on 2015-04-02 at 23:12

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Lawrence Beck, you've saved the day here.
Rob's damning critique seems to find redemption in your observation.
I am a Christian. When I was a little boy I stopped trying to figure out God.
If He exists (I believe He does), where did He come from?
If He doesn't exist... where did we come from???

Back to the topic, Easter?

I believe the biggest culprit is free will.

God created us and gave us free will. Not so that we can do horrible things but so that we can choose to do his bidding out of a free will.

Free will seems to be the most dangerous or potent thing on earth.

you know what they say about father christmas? let the children believe...

is there a secret we can keep long enough amongst millions of men???

Lawrence Beck The PoetBay support member heart!
How strange! I've been an atheist since I was in the second grade, but, after reading your poem, the theology started to make some sense to me. Here's how it works, I think, though I'm not persuaded.

God creates humans in his image, and tells them, "Be good or I'll kick your asses."

They aren't good, and he kicks their asses.

"Better try another approach," he thinks.

He gives the humans Jesus, a being without sin, then puts him through hell, lets the humans kill him, and then resurrects him to prove to humans that, though they may not always be good, if they try hard and have faith, he won't kick their asses.

I'm still a little iffy on the symbolism of gobbling up leg of lamb in celebration of the Lamb of God, and, likewise, biting off the heads of chocolate bunnies to show our affection for the Easter Bunny. We all have a little Aztec in us, I guess.

I'll stick to enjoying the eggs and buns and spring has arrived in my garden, much more enjoyable than the "fairytale"

I enjoy a fairy tale as much as anybody, but that one is so flawed that it's really hard to take. Such a strange and evil tale.
Then, of course, the son comes to try to fix the evil parts, so he sins according to his father's rules and dies at our hands to save us from sin?? Never has made any sense to me. :-)

ken d williams The PoetBay support member heart!
This god , made us in his image! Dont say much good about him! That inplanted a marred woman , who it could be said was under age. BUT as she was wed , the that god is an adulterer! I'll stick with being a Humanist!
Ken D