thinking about writers and tattoos

'til all my breath is you

How have you inked
this palpitant heart?
Well, let me tell you:
Your barbs extend
long and deep and far,
far enough to pierce
skin of my resistance
with needlepoint of
your persistence.
But not only skin
deep; you refuse to
settle for what I
had to offer, deep--
you broke skin and
plunged deeper than
anyone ever did go
pierced right through
very venal lining
polluted my bloodstream
with you insistence
infusing ink of thought
rushing in its onslaught
sucked through mitralĀ 
port into my ventricle
left graffitied and stained
your ink spreading toxin
'til all my breath is you
such good poison it is too!

Poetry by arquious
Read 666 times
Written on 2015-04-09 at 20:50

Tags Tattoo  Ink  Poison 

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It is very good, how you tell it and I think there's no better translation for this poem because you have already told it. I like the word ink also, it gives a strong powerful taste. Impressive!

Jamsbo Rockda The PoetBay support member heart!
This is extremely good. Although it seems to be written in anger it still presents the situation very well. Interestingly enough I have just finished a poem which begins with the lines "I think I am toxic, Everyone I touch becomes poisoned". Have you been reading my mind? Do I need to wear tinfoil on my head. lol.