minuscule violins

the strains of music dying..... 
s o a k e d in a r i v e r of dreams 
to be swept by d a r k c u r r e n t s 
gurgling in the deep of night 

the dragon's seductive breath 
floating through windows and doors 
billboards and neons glowing 
cloying fast on roofs & floors 

the children await wide-eyed 
fed with what the world has made 
innocence joining what is lost 
emptying what Love had f i l l e d 

beyond windows the footpath silent 
whispers undistrubed in the stairwell 
waiting the wait without arrival 
the river of dreams flows on past home 

as other alternatives arise 
the dragon's breath renews in strength 
not expecting but caressing 
drowning new songs in this river of dreams 

beneath those notes an old song blaring 
without raising questions of long ago 
alarming all that seek the answers 
the answers have been there all along   

_ __ ___ ✏

Poetry by arquious
Read 574 times
Written on 2015-06-10 at 08:23

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Jamsbo Rockda The PoetBay support member heart!
For some reason the recent Yangtze cruise ship disaster came to my mind while I read this. Sorry if I am wrong. All those poor people lost. There is an air of doom about this piece. Very nicely written though.