It happen

The tulip thief

The tulip thief came & left
from my garden -Unseen
But the beheaded tulip bulbs
and the still standing up straight
stalks notified me about the theft
Oh how sad I felt 

We were all left so speechless
The beheaded tulip bulbs
Didn't couldn't ask the thief:
Where are you headed? 

But mostly I was sad because finally this spring the tulip bulbs could reach the surface and I would be able to admire their beauty every day until until each tulip shed its blossoms... it was my fault that the tulips couldn't reach the surface Few years ago I planted them too deep in the soil and the poor tulip bulbs kept trying to reach the surface and I ignored their silent struggle ....

I was truly looking forward to see them feel
glad every day when I came in or out from my
house their lives were cut short. My poor tulips...

Who did it and for whom? I asked myself
Where shall I focus my anger on?
But first of all I will call my friend and
ask her to allow me to vent my frustration
in her presence but while the phone was

ringing I continued my thoughts that I will also mention to you here but let me tell you first how I ended our conversation: Thank you for listening and I love this kind of problems they make somehow life feel normal and you my dear reader I hope you will feel that too I can only hope that you will.

So. Who and why?

Was it a teenager that wanted to give 
ten of my tulips to his newfound love?
But teenagers are poor and he or she 
did it for the sake of love It's ok I thought
to myself I don't want to be angry or sad if
that's the reason My tulips brought two people
closer it's ok...

At least a post it on my door saying thank you
would fix my problem... that's what I told the 
children of my neighborhood that happen
to play near by when I discovered the theft

of my tulips I also asked them if they saw who
did it they didn't know they did though offer to
keep guard for the rest of my flowers I thanked
them and said that it wasn't necessary...

But if that is not true then who did it?!
Oh what if it was a person that felt that
My tulips will be prettier in their vase?!
How dare he or she! But what is wrong 
with self-love? Why is it ok to give flowers
to the one you love and not yourself? I guess
the stolen tulips made this person's room
more welcoming? Some times the world 
can feel like an unwelcoming place so
that's ok too why feel bitter? Aha!

Self - love is ok but not at my expense!
Hm who did I remembered?

Or was I looking forward to feel angry at something else than myself for a change? Well the summer is here and my strawberries are slowly turning red getting ready for me and the slugs of my garden ... 

















Short story by night soul woman The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 982 times
Written on 2015-06-22 at 18:52

Tags Tulips  Love  Life 

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Jamsbo Rockda The PoetBay support member heart!
Oh how sad to see. But imagining who and why they were beheaded kind of makes it easier. Perhaps it was for someone in hospital who is very ill. It still must have been a shock for you. Thanks for sharing this piece so full of your feelings and thoughts :)

Lawrence Beck The PoetBay support member heart!
That happens to our tulips all of the time. Animals, probably rabbits, eat the blossoms. Think about it, if a lover or someone who wanted to fill a vase had taken the tulips, they'd also have taken the stems. Animals don't grasp the esthetic significance of stems.

Lawrence Beck, Plant Detective

I enjoyed this very much too. All the sweet possibilities
Be a romantic and think only how lonely or sad the person must have felt to take your tulips and how happy they must have made her/him. Summer would've stolen them anyway
Such a gift you gave someone.

Elle The PoetBay support member heart!
I enjoyed reading this, the sort puzzle that drifts into consciousness and leads to a myriad different paths :-)

Elle x