off beat





set the metronome

on sixty beats per minute, children,

stay on the beat and count,

by twos, to thirty. ready . . . go . . . two . . . four . . . 

six . . . eight. very good. now, on the beat,

count to thirty-one, by by twos,

beginning on one. ready . . . go . . . one . . . three . . .

five . . . seven. and the class loses the beat

and sputters to a halt.




evens are tulips. odds are orchids.

evens are all is right with the world.

odds are finding beauty in unexpected places.

evens are the smooth.

odds are having to work a little harder to get there.




how i loved the even numbers,

so easily managed, and how disturbing i found the odds.

until, one magical day i found the fulcrum,

there, in the center, and i felt

as one feels when they put on a shirt

fresh out of the dryer on a cold winter day—good.




now i play on the upbeat, on the and

just to do it, not often, my life is off beat enough as it is,

but enough to, oh, i don't know, do it. that's all, just to do it. to feel good.




there is no reason to fears the odds,

but we do, some of us.

happy endings and landing on the tonic 

comes naturally. it doesn't

have to be that way, hansel and gretel could have

not found their way out of the woods

and landing on a tonic seventh has been known to happen.




i'm feeling a little at odds.

it's okay.

what i feel isn't worth fretting over.

there are bigger things, world peace and so on.

this little bit of odd, it happens.

it has happened before. it will happen again.



tock, tic


Poetry by one trick pony The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 602 times
Written on 2015-08-03 at 23:41

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Jamsbo Rockda The PoetBay support member heart!
A bit odd but wonderful. We should celebrate the odd for as you say, all we need is a fulcrum to understand it. The balance is made and the contrast is wonderful :)

Lawrence Beck The PoetBay support member heart!
Agreed! The odds are under-appreciated. Likewise, the off beat is the best beat, at least to me. Prince uses it effectively. My wife says that my fondness for it is why we can't dance together. Naturally, she's an engineer, one of those even people.

I like a person who's a little odd -- as well as a number. I wonder why people remember the evens so much better than the odds? hmm... here's one for fun:

Find the sum of the first odd numbers up to any number. •Choose a 2-digit odd number, then add one to this number. Suppose that the number selected is 81; 81 + 1 = 82
•Divide the sum by two. 82 / 2 = 41. This tells you how many odd numbers there are from 1 to 81.
•Square this number. This is the sum of all the odd numbers from 1 through the 2-digit number. 41 x 41 = 1681. So the sum of all the odd numbers from 1 through 81 is 1681.

tock tick