Heart In Motion

Days have been dark these times,
poetry has been hard to do,
been down and up all the time,
fighting, screaming and struggled,
still I am here,
thanks to certain friends,

Zoya you have been amazing to me,
you have been supportive and inspirational to me,
an amazing friend you are,
you are very special to me,
thank you my dear friend..

Amber Lynn....
So much to say..
Don't know where to begin..
Since the day we started talking I knew,
I knew that you were a girl I wanted to be friends with..
Turns out I was right.
You have been behind me all the time,
cheering me up,
spoken words that has given me courage to stay up,
words that has thought me much about myself and life,
your heart has been so good to me,
in my heart you have your own special place..
I have no idea how to thank you..
I wish we wasn't so far apart..
I wish we could communicate even better...
Let us forever be friends my dear friend,
You will always be my friend,
forever will I be here for you..

I owe my life to these people..
Thank you..

And I would like to thank Marjan who has been such a friend for me:)
And my good friend Liam.. I love you man.. You have been brave.. And you have made me brave.

Thank you my dear PoetBay..
All of you..
My poetry and I would be long go if not for you..

Now you all wonder,

why is he writing this?

Is he leaving us?

Has he given up on himself and life?

What is going on?

Well people...

This is my poem number 100:D

Poetry by Alexander
Read 605 times
Written on 2006-05-01 at 21:55

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Congratulations my friend!!! :o)

o0o and thanks for the mention, even when I do not deserve to be.

oh alex, i dont even know where to begin, this poem has touched mr in many ways and i also wish that we werent so far a way and that we could communicate better! i will forever be here for you alex no matter what happens you can always come to me for anything and we will be friends forever!!!!
lots of love from amber lynn