A poem about our creator.

The Great Jehovah

God is his title but Jehovah is his name.
When his son returns, people will no longer be sick and the animals will be tame.
Jehovah doesn't demand our respect but he does deserve it.
People praise him because they know that he's worth it.
By worshipping him, eternal life is what it will bring.
I love Jehovah because without him, I'd be nothing.

Poetry by Randy Johnson
Read 820 times
Written on 2015-08-15 at 22:30

Tags God  Lord  Jehovah 

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If a man finds a way to be happy and for his life to have meaning, then surely that can't be a bad thing, whether it be through religion or some other conduit.

Ivan R
Some might say that Jehova is but a title of the Universal force. So, by praying to Jehova, one is praising one selfs power to be better , to heal, to help, and to understand ...

These type of poems are but a question, not a stopping point, but a direction towards a better, yes*