I would think that this would be mainly for guys because of the last sentence, but...whatever your preference is, I won't question it...
Yes, I do plan to make it longer. It's a first submitted draft.


You're smart, and nice and funny,
in every single way,
and I hope this little compliment,
gets you through your day.

You always can laugh at something,
when you're feeling down,
and even when nothing's funny,
you're always around.

You know what people think, but you just don't care,
no matter what they say, you keep your shoes, your clothes, your hair...

You're always accompanied by a smile,
wherever you seem to go,
And whenever I need to be alone,
you always seem to know.

You're the kind of person,
that cries at a good film,
and isn't afraid to recollect it,
at a moment's whim.

You're the kind of person that people can:
tell you their dark secret
and they have no doubt,
that you'll be able to keep it.

And when people ask you why you say such things,
don't let them call you a klutz,
just turn around, and respond,
"Because I have the nuts."

Poetry by Lucas
Read 604 times
Written on 2006-05-02 at 04:00

Tags Laugh  Cry 

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That's cute!! But, come on, just 'cause I'm a girl doesn't mean I don't have balls. Well, i don't physically, but, mentally or egotisticly, I do. It's great and it flows very well! Steinbach would be proud!!

I like this. I hope you show it to whoever you wrote it for! : )